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Cock docking - what it is and how to do it!

fat uncut cocks docking

Circumcised guys can't possibly know the divine pleasure of docking, surely? Docking is when two uncircumcised men engage inside their foreskins. This is achieved by both partners pulling back their foreskins and putting their erect cocks head to head.

One guy then opens his hood and stretches it out and forward as far as possible. He then wraps it over both heads. Holding the tip of his hood as far forward as possible, the second man then stretches and pulls his skin over the whole lot and holds it in place.

The two men stroke their docked cocks - moving the foreskins back and forward over the two glans. And that is cock docking!!

The juices inside the skin build up quickly and the intense sensations are sure to cause one of the two guys to ejaculate. It is alsmost certain when one man cums inside the locked cocks, the other will cum almost simultaneously. Incredible!

Cum is the most amazing lubricant. When you feel the two docking cocks throbbing head-to-head; then the explosion of cum inside the skin! Even more sensational than the best blowjob you ever had. If you can endure the intense pleasure of the hot cum, a second ejaculation may not be far away!

Mischevious And Dirty Making Homemade Gay Porn

Jake Baker's homemade gay porn

18-year-old Jake starts his homemade gay porn video pulling out his perfect nine inch uncut cock and holding it up to the camera for inspection. This little dude is as dirty as hell, check out the smirk and his mischievous blue eyes! Tossing his underwear aside, Jake starts to work his big uncut dick, rolling the foreskin back and over his knob as the camera comes is for an amazing HD close-up of his throbbing boner, and his red swollen knob head when he stretches his foreskin right back.

This horny little 18-year-old needs relief - a glistening drop of precum forming at his piss slit being evidence of that. Jake smears it around his dick and starts to stroke, slowly working up the pace until his hand is a blur on his dick. Freezing, Jake grunts, and blast a thick rope of cum which hits him mid-chest, the second reaches his shoulder and the remaining pool onto his t-shirt. As the cum starts to soak into his t-shirt, Jake grabs it to his hungry mouth and gobbles down every last sweet drop! Check out this dirty little fucker's homemade gay porn by clicking the link. You'll need Jake to come round and clean your t-shirt for you afterwards!

Party Animal Straight Guys Tricked Into Baring All

Straight guys tricked - Ben

Wild boy, Ben, is the perfect candidate for Straight Guys Tricked. He has no problem getting naked; when he's out partying, he always seems to lose his clothes as he performs drunkenly for a cheering crowd. It seems a natural next step for Ben to get into some straight porn action.

He didn't find it quite so easy in the intense environment during his audition, yet despite being nervous and self-conscious, he was quite happy to strip down, showing of his fat uncut cock, and had no problems lifting his legs so the camera could get an in-deep look at his delicious straight-boy butt-hole. Ben then works his fat cock to a really impressive hard-on, jerking on the big monster until this straight guys tricked into blowing a big, creamy, load for you guys! It's all here. Ben's a natural for porn, he found the experience thrilling - but he said that he draws the line about doing stuff for a male audience!

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