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Beercan Thick Uncut English Cock and Huge Dildo!

Beercan thick uncut English dick

Luke Pascoe is a seriously stunning English lad with a massive fat uncut cock, who just loves arse-stretching. You will be amazed when you watch this shoot. Not only is his dick unbelievably thick, Luke rams an unbelievably thick dildo up his arse as well - this solo will get you cumming in your pants. I'd get them off now if I were you - don't say you haven't been warned!!

Luke is a slim young lad. He starts off by lifting his top to reveal amazing abs and a really tight six-pack. He plays with his nipples as he rubs the bulge in his trackies. This never seems to stop growing and as he pulls his trackies down you can see the fattest bulge imaginable straining inside his tight white briefs. He teases you by rubbing and squeezing it a little; then, finally, he takes his briefs off the show you his monstercock in all it's pulsing glory!! This massive uncut slab of man-meat is about 9 inches long and about 7 inches wide - I'm not kidding!! He slowly plays with it as he rubs his smooth pink boy-hole at the same time. Luke loves to play with his arse and inserts one finger - and then two, using them to fuck his arse as he continues jerking with the other hand.

Standing up, this seriously big English lad, gives the camera many angle opportunities before taking a massive thick dildo, greasing it and then squatting down and riding it all the way to the base!! Returning to the settee, Luke continues to fuck himself with this big dildo more roughly - it's quite intense to watch! Finally, jerking harder and faster, English lad Luke shoots a massive load - tons of sticky cum spurting from his monster uncut dick! An incredible climax to this hot British boy's show. Now for those of you with a weak constitution, better have the smelling salts handy - for all you other horny guys, poppers should do!!

Cock docking - what it is and how to do it!

fat uncut cocks docking

Circumcised guys can't possibly know the divine pleasure of docking, surely? Docking is when two uncircumcised men engage inside their foreskins. This is achieved by both partners pulling back their foreskins and putting their erect cocks head to head.

One guy then opens his hood and stretches it out and forward as far as possible. He then wraps it over both heads. Holding the tip of his hood as far forward as possible, the second man then stretches and pulls his skin over the whole lot and holds it in place.

The two men stroke their docked cocks - moving the foreskins back and forward over the two glans. And that is cock docking!!

The juices inside the skin build up quickly and the intense sensations are sure to cause one of the two guys to ejaculate. It is alsmost certain when one man cums inside the locked cocks, the other will cum almost simultaneously. Incredible!

Cum is the most amazing lubricant. When you feel the two docking cocks throbbing head-to-head; then the explosion of cum inside the skin! Even more sensational than the best blowjob you ever had. If you can endure the intense pleasure of the hot cum, a second ejaculation may not be far away!

Hard Buff Hunks Xander Ruslan

Hard buff hunks incredible muscle tone

Hard buff hunks hairy butthole

This hard buff hunks got all the features we look for in a hot model, and you can't get much hotter than this horny young guy from Eastern Europe. Xander Ruslan is from Prague and loves showing his body off - well, if you've worked as hard at toning and shaping it as this handsome stud, you'd be the same. Xander has a tight athletic physique with built arm and chest muscles, and rock-hard abs - as hard as his fat uncut cock which just won't go down. Believe you me, Xander's dick was throbbing and pointing skyward even before the camera was set up and stayed that way for over three hours! You are going to be blown away with his handsome sexy good looks and his incredibly defined body and stonking hard uncut cock in this hard buff hunks shoot, check out this hot Eastern European stud, here. This guy's upper body is so perfectly defined and those abs are the best you'll ever 'cum' across!

Hard buff hunks proud and stonking

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