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Straight Guys Tricked - Kick Boxer Kris

Straight guys tricked - Kris

New on Straight Guys Tricked is kick-boxer, Kris. He wants to be a porn star and certainly has the best assets for the job. This ambitious straight dude is muscular all over; he has a broad, hairy chest, a fit large muscled butt, huge thighs and a fat hard cock with a big shiny bell-end!

One things for sure, this guy knows how to take orders. He willingly strips down, shows his most intimate parts to the camera, and works his fat-knobbed cock to a blasting orgasm as this straight guys tricked into doing gay action for the boys! Get intimate with Kris here. This straight guy is a bottom - but, sorry, only an exhibitionist bottom!

Ginger amateur straight guy with uncut cock

uncut ginger amateur straight guy

From the moment I saw Christian, I knew that I had to see him naked! I think he's so incredibly sexy!

Christian is a 20-year-old straight student from a small town in Scotland, and he's got the most intense accent you've ever heard. But in my opinion, it's pretty damn hot! His accent is so strong that at times it's hard to understand what he's saying, so all you end up doing is smiling politely and just admiring his beautiful face and physique, and pretending you know what he's talking about. He was here for the summer working and traveling, and lucky for us, he had ran out of money and needed some to do more traveling before he went back home. Doing this video was a pretty big step for him, as he's a true small-town boy and getting naked on camera and jerking his lovely uncut cock was the last thing he had in mind when he left to come here for the summer.

Besides his amazingly good looks and naturally muscled body, he's got this really cute bashful personality that makes you fall in love with him. He's been working in construction for the summer, so he's got this sexy tan from spending so much time outside in the sun.

The hottest part about this video though has to be when he cums. If you look closely, you'll see his eyes roll back into his head as he gets off. It's so hot knowing exactly how he's feeling and how intense his orgasm is. Click to see more of this amateur uncut straight ginger guy.

amateur straight guy with uncut ginger cock

Fireman Shows Uncut Hose - and Hole!!

Straight English Fireman Shows Asshole and Uncut Cock -

Will is a straight English fireman who loves to show off his body; it’s lean and muscular with a nice big uncut cock, showing a little semi when his boxers come off.

He gets hold of his big dick and pulls the foreskin back, his cock immediately becoming rock hard, you can see it pulsing to the beat of his heart! As he completely pulls off his boxers his ass is exposed, he pretends to be shy, but he loves teasing and showing his almost hairless asshole! He plays around with his dick and sits down on the table for a serious focus on his uncut cock and not many strokes later he is spewing loads of cum all over the floor. If you need to dump your load on the floor with this straight English fireman showing his big uncut cock and edible asshole, start here. Be careful, the floor may be slippery!

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