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Hot Tattooed And Uncut English Top Flips

Tattooed uncut English top flips

Here's a nice little turnaround - hot and tattooed, uncut British boy Kieron has done some solo shoots before and now it time for his debut in a duo. Kieron claimed to be a total top in his solo shoot, but after seeing how hot his partner-to-be, Lincoln, was, he surprised everyone by saying that he'd like to get fucked by him!

Now, for those of you who have seen English lad Lincoln before, you'll know that he has a big, fat, uncut dick and he likes to fuck really hard - he's scared off quite a few enthusiastic bottom boys! Still Kieron was sure that Lincoln was the guy to break him in - he wanted to slurp on every inch of his dick and feel it probing deep inside his ass - needless to say, after getting a good look at Kieron's sexy good-looks and his hot tattooed body, Lincoln was more that happy to oblige!!

Well, the studio crew were not sure what to expect, nor whether this scene was going to work out ok, but after some extreme foreplay including masterful dick sucking and deep-throating, the moment of truth came - Lincoln greased up his massive uncut cock and plunged it deep inside Kieron. Kieron froze as in shock for a few seconds, then, with gasps and moans, Kieron let Lincoln go - and wow, does this Brit boy like to get fucked!! Lincoln used Kieron like a fuck toy, pounding his ass with an intensity that jumps right out of the screen. Once Lincoln was fucking Kieron on his back, both boys knew that neither could hold back any longer and both of the lads shot a big creamy load. We like it when a top flips but never would have thought that macho and tattooed kieron would end up with his legs waving in the air!!

Clueless Straight Guys Tricked

Straight guys tricked - Nick

This straight guys tricked into his first naked show. Nick is a slim and sexy footballer, and has never considered getting into porn until an urgent need for cash arose.

Nick's had sex with loads of girls (footballer's perks) but has never even taken a picture of his cock never mind appearing in porn. His sleepy-eyed, clueless, facial expressions and his goofy laugh just enhance his naievity. You'll love hearing his disgust about doing anything with another guy and then making him pose with his butt spread wide open as this straight guys tricked into doing just that, here. He might look a bit goofy but there's nothing Disney about this horny boy's show!

Uncut straight guys big hard cock

amateur straight guy monster uncut cock
amature straight guy monster uncut cock

Straight guy Rad is a kickboxer. That's why he has such a tight, slim, strong body. And what about that amazing monster uncut cock?

Once you can take your eyes of his dick for long enough you may notice that this naked straight man has a beautiful butt too (see picture below)! I love when a amateur straight guys give us that view - the lovely lickable balls visible between his legs and his cock just visible underneath - inviting! Oh yeah, speaking of his cock (again), how wonderful is that lovely hood? And the way his fab tool stands straight up in the air???

Imagine getting that straight stud meat pole where it counts!! See more of uncut amateur straight guy Rad here. Oh yeah - he's quite good looking too! Isn't he? lol

amatuer straight guy ass

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