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Cock docking - what it is and how to do it!

fat uncut cocks docking

Circumcised guys can't possibly know the divine pleasure of docking, surely? Docking is when two uncircumcised men engage inside their foreskins. This is achieved by both partners pulling back their foreskins and putting their erect cocks head to head.

One guy then opens his hood and stretches it out and forward as far as possible. He then wraps it over both heads. Holding the tip of his hood as far forward as possible, the second man then stretches and pulls his skin over the whole lot and holds it in place.

The two men stroke their docked cocks - moving the foreskins back and forward over the two glans. And that is cock docking!!

The juices inside the skin build up quickly and the intense sensations are sure to cause one of the two guys to ejaculate. It is alsmost certain when one man cums inside the locked cocks, the other will cum almost simultaneously. Incredible!

Cum is the most amazing lubricant. When you feel the two docking cocks throbbing head-to-head; then the explosion of cum inside the skin! Even more sensational than the best blowjob you ever had. If you can endure the intense pleasure of the hot cum, a second ejaculation may not be far away!

British Lad Takes The Pole's Pole

British lad gets pole fucked

When we paired British hunk Dale together with one of his Eastern European counterparts, we knew we were going to make an explosive mix - and, wow, can these two studs explode! Beefy British boy Dale impressed us all in his very first solo, working out a load from his impressive uncut dick and now he's back for some hot action with straight Polish guy, Janusz. This hot hetero is a lifeguard with a big smile, a built hairy body and a big uncut cock; despite being straight he admits that he has fooled around with other guys (usually after a long drinking session!).

Dale is straight acting, but he's completely crazy about cock. This versatile bottom loves masculine, muscled men, and getting fucked rough and hard. We think Janusz is the perfect guy to fuck the cum out of this hungry, horny British boy. Check out this explosive pairing here. You could say he got polished by the Pole's pole!

Horny Athletic Young British Lad

Horny athletic young British boy

With Sam in full athletic gear, this British boy teases you by rubbing and stroking his crotch through his shiny red shorts. When he pulls down his shorts you can see that his dick is so hard, straining against his white underpants. He rubs and squeezes it some more before slipping them down, his cock springing out, throbbing and thick, with a good head of foreskin.

Sam starts to play with his big thick boner, working his foreskin over the end of his curvy cock. This young British boy is quite an exhibitionist and puts on a really horny show; he moves to the settee - laying back, he holds his dick up for your inspection. Lubing it up liberally, Sam plays some more with his cock, varying the ways to massage it. With his dick throbbing even harder, Sam gets close to blowing his load - he picks up the pace, his breathing gets heavier and louder. He beats hard on his uncut thick slab and then the cum starts to fly - straight up his chest with the first two strings, and as he keeps on jacking, the jizm keeps cumming - all over this hot British boy's tight six-pack. Get more than just teased, here! A winning performance from this athletic British boy.

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