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Twink Butt Swallows Huge Butt Plug In Homemade Gay Porn Shoot

Ethan Rose's homemade gay porn

You'll have to agree, this cute twink can't help but shine in this homemade gay porn video with his smooth body and perfect uncut cock. It starts of with Ethan playing with his dick through his jeans as he sits on a chair, before standing up, shucking his jeans and revealing a tent in his underwear. Freeing the pole from the canvas, Ethan sports an amazing uncut cock. He grabs his shaft and holds it up for inspection before starting to play with his foreskin, rolling it back and forth over his knob.

Having got his dick even harder than before, Ethan turns his attention to his ass. He pulls up his legs and starts to play with his tight boy-hole before sliding a finger deep inside getting it primed and ready for what was about to come - a transparent butt plug. Now, we get to see a lot of butt plugs around here and believe you me, this one is massive. Big and fat - can this smooth young twink take such a monster in his sweet hole. Damn right he can!! With a ton of lube, he inserts it into his hole with a gentle push, the butt plug snapping into place as his sphincter grabbed hold. That toy is buried to the hilt, stretching his hole wide open visible through the transparent base. Ethan pulls his cheeks apart to show his plugged hole before popping the toy out. Hopping on his knees with his rock hard dick pushed back through his legs, Ethan shows off his destroyed ass.

Having satisfied his ass, now it's time to concentrate on his cock. Flipping back round on the chair, Ethan's hand stokes his perfect uncut dick to orgasm
- the cum starts to fly, thick ropes splattering over his smooth belly and pooling in a sticky mess around his tight balls. The camera comes in for one last close-up and you can practically see the swirl of semen as the cum cools on his belly! Close-up heaven; a big uncut cock, a massive butt plug and a willing ass, and a blasting cum shot in Ethan's homemade gay porn video, waiting here for you. Ethan's cute twink butt hole is truly amazing swallowing that huge plug!

Big Dicked Straight British Personal Trainer

Alfie - a straight British personal trainer

English guy, Alfie, is one of those straight men who's just a natural for videos. Being a Personal Trainer, he has all the necessary qualities: an athletic body with good sized muscles and solidly defined. Put all that together with a cheeky personality and his natural energy, this English guy is the full package!

This horny young British lad uses his flirty personality as he teases you during his warm-up, his whole body rippling and tensing as he does some quick push-ups; and, talking about the full package, Alfie has a really big uncut dick, which is chunky and long, and gets really hard. Nothing is left undiscovered as this laid-back, confident, horny, straight British pup pumps out a nice load all over his taut abs! Get it all at the link. With training this personal, even the laziest of us would get back in the gym!

Ginger amateur straight guy with uncut cock

uncut ginger amateur straight guy

From the moment I saw Christian, I knew that I had to see him naked! I think he's so incredibly sexy!

Christian is a 20-year-old straight student from a small town in Scotland, and he's got the most intense accent you've ever heard. But in my opinion, it's pretty damn hot! His accent is so strong that at times it's hard to understand what he's saying, so all you end up doing is smiling politely and just admiring his beautiful face and physique, and pretending you know what he's talking about. He was here for the summer working and traveling, and lucky for us, he had ran out of money and needed some to do more traveling before he went back home. Doing this video was a pretty big step for him, as he's a true small-town boy and getting naked on camera and jerking his lovely uncut cock was the last thing he had in mind when he left to come here for the summer.

Besides his amazingly good looks and naturally muscled body, he's got this really cute bashful personality that makes you fall in love with him. He's been working in construction for the summer, so he's got this sexy tan from spending so much time outside in the sun.

The hottest part about this video though has to be when he cums. If you look closely, you'll see his eyes roll back into his head as he gets off. It's so hot knowing exactly how he's feeling and how intense his orgasm is. Click to see more of this amateur uncut straight ginger guy.

amateur straight guy with uncut ginger cock

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