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Prepare to dock - foreskin stretching technique

stud streches his foreskin at cock dockers

The foreskin is a versatile organ, designed not only to keep the glans protected, moist and sensitive, but to provide sexual sensations as it's richly studded with erotic nerve endings.

The nerve endings of the foreskin are sensitive not only to warmth and friction, but to stretching. One way to experience this fully is to obtain an erection without retracting the foreskin. Gently squeeze the knob head rhythmically through the hood to make the root of the penis throb. Then slowly pull the foreskin back in small tugs over the fully engorged head. This will provde maximum stretching sensations.

Do this in stages - pull back about 1/8 of an inch and then going forward again. Then pull back another 1/8 of an inch and then forward again. By the time you get your foreskin fully stretched, poised on the rim of the glans, you'll be ready to give it that final tug! By this time, you'll also have put tension on your frenulum, adding to your sensations.

Men In Suits Threesome In Hotel Corridor

Men in suits hotel sex

Ever fantasized about what Men In Suits get up on business trips when they have to overnight away from home? Well, welcome to the Hotel Voyeur.

Your business colleagues, Alex Marte, Ben Brown and Axel Brooks have already checked in. We hope you will avail yourself of all the facilities provided, such as the restaurant on the ground floor, the gym in the basement and the serious cruising you'll find on every floor. Check out the second floor right now - you'll find Ben Brown down on his knees working his hot lips on Alex Marte's fat uncut dick as Axel Brooks looks on from his room door before joining in to make it a hot, muscled, sweaty threesome in the hotel corridor for all to see. For the horniest men in suits and the hottest gay suit sex, make your reservation here! Thank you for choosing Hotel Voyeur - we hope you enjoy your stay!

English twinks, uncut cocks, uncut fun!

english twinks about to get naked

Mikey and Chris are good friends, Chris is just 18 and new to doing porn, Mikey having a few shoots under his belt! The two twinks are very natural together, Chris being more dominant and slipping his hands into Mikey's new Arsenal kit! Chris is happy having a feel and Mikey is soon in Chris' jeans and pulls out a very stiff cock! These English Lads are soon sucking each other and both uncut cocks are real hard. They jump on the bed and do some great 69'ing before Chris lubes up Mikey's hole and slide in his cock. The lads do some real hard fucking and Chris whips out his cock and throws off the condom and shoots all over Mikey! Click here for more English Lads.

uncut english twink cock cums on belly

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